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Check out and play some of the games I've made using Unity. Gameplay is free! All you need is the Unity Web Player. Click on the screenshot to play the game.

Pong! Play with a friend.

A local two-player version of the well-known pong game. One player uses the 'w' and 's' keys to move up and down, respectively. The other player uses the up and down arrow keys.

Pong Screenshot

Size Squared. Simple and challenging.

Protect your ship from enemy projectiles by pressing the space bar (or left/right arrow in two radar mode) as soon as the red icon fills the radar screen. If you’re too early, you'll take damage. If you’re too late, your ship will take a direct hit. The ship can only withstand damage from 1 direct hit or 3 partial hits, so be careful not to get hit too much!

Size Squared Screenshot